The City Plan


This City Plan sets a vision for future development in the city centre and was officially launched in March 2014. Until now, there has been no single over-arching strategic framework that sets a clear plan for the centre. The City Plan does this.

Extensive community consultation during the development of the plan in 2013 highlighted the community’s desire for the city centre to have a stronger identity and vitality that draws people to it at all times of the day and night; in effect, to make the city centre the focus of civic, cultural and recreational life of the wider ACT and region. The plan achieves this in different ways.

Primarily, future development in the city centre will be based on five ‘character areas’ that typify the activities and character of the different parts of the city centre.

The City Plan will help determine development and growth, and ensure projects and infrastructure are delivered efficiently and effectively. It aims to unlock the potential of Canberra’s CBD and better integrate it with public transport, residential buildings, surrounding parklands and educational institutions. Local, national and international interest in the city will be stimulated, attracting business and visitors and boosting the economy, vibrancy and liveability.

Key elements of the City Plan include the identification of new residential, business and leisure opportunities and improvements to Parkes Way to better connect the city centre and the lake. Several projects are being developed within the context of the City Plan, including two transformational projects, City to the Lake and Capital Metro.

The ACT Government is looking at options for the landscape design for the corridor as a transit corridor meeting the needs of light rail, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

The Plan has been jointly funded by the ACT and Australian governments under the Liveable Cities Program. The Liveable Cities Program supports state, territory and local governments to meet the challenges of improving the quality of life in our state and territory capitals and major regional cities. It supports strategic planning in line with the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) principles for facilitating urban renewal and strategic urban development.

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